Monday, September 2, 2013

Twoface Pizza & Taproom @ Tanjong Katong

Was there on a Friday night. Kopi shop by day, and drinking place by night. Not very atmospheric, with it being in a coffeeshop, but it was ok. Was pleasantly surprised that they have menu that looked pretty sturdy and friendly service.

food and drinks menu
info board
high stools, for that bar feel

The food and drinks menu do contain some exotic sounding fusionised items. For example, pizza with 'kiam her' (salted fish pizza?!). Haha.

Not feeling adventurous, plus we just had dinner earlier, so we ordered one smoked duck pizza to share and some drinks.

smoked duck pizza
closer view

Pizza was quite good. Crust that was neither too thick nor too thin, and doesn't feel that oily. Liking the loads of arrugula but smoked duck slices were really limited edition.

pear cider

For every 2 bottled beers order, one can get a basket of wedges for free. So we had that as well. However, half a pint of Sapporo only costs $5 but one bottled beer can set you back by $10.


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