Monday, September 16, 2013

Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge (芽笼九巷活田鸡) @ Geylang

It's been a decade (or more) since I last ate in Geylang. Kid you not. So, it was with some anticipation when friend suggested a trip there to eat porridge. Yay!

bright red signboard

The road was super busy, with cars turning round and round in search of a parking lot. Pedestrians dashing out of the road or strolling at a snail pace without care...probably everyday occurrences there.

The signboard definitely wasn't like that, way back in the 'olden days'. ancient btw. Could still remember the beef hor fun from across the road. Beef hor fun was't good looking but super tender and very yummy black peppery beef. But frog's porridge...can't really recall how it tasted like back then.

orh luak (oyster omelette)

Actually, don't know if its 'orh jian' or 'orh luak' but it's panfried oyster omelette flour (@$5, I think). This was a rather tasty plate. The bits of well-fried flour has some heat in it (chili?), and a certain fragrant ingredient. Perhaps, dried shrimp or something. But the oysters were limited edition. Few and scarce.

pre-packed drink of lime juice with sour plum

Done with appetisers, and the main course came after a 20 minutes wait.

spicy fresh frog legs (3 pieces)
plain porridge

The porridge has quite a thick consistency but thankfully, it wasn't clumpy. The frog legs cooked in dried chili sauce goes very well with the hot porridge. Definitely need to drizzle the sauce onto the porridge for oomph! The meat was sweet but very bony as well. Shioks. Porridge and the frog legs costs $25.

comfort food


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