Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hamanoya @ Marina Square

Located at Level 2 of Marina Square, at the section also known as 'The Dining Edition'. Walked in on a Saturday afternoon for a late lunch, and the place was pretty empty. This restaurant offers robatayaki cuisine (炉端焼き). But its setup was non-traditional, in the sense that one does not sit around the grill area.

robata at the far end
window seats..sort of

The place has bento sets as well as ala-carte items. Friend had a yakitori rice bowl (@$12.99++) and we shared two ala-carte items; Ayu fish (@$14.99++) and Beef Tataki (@$14.99++).

Hamanoya menus

Hot japanese tea was served in a small little nice pot, but it came with a price tag.

hot japanese tea (@$3.99++)
iced green tea (@$1.99++)

First plate to arrive, the Gyu Tataki (たたき). According to wiki, tataki means 'pounded', or 'hit into pieces'. Slices of beef briefly seared. Beef was lean, and the flavour actually came from the dabs of brownish paste (was it miso?). The bell peppers were rather sweet but everything was cold. Not something that I'd order again.

beef tataki
eating up the greens

Friend's yakitori (焼き鳥) don came next, and it looked quite appealing.

yakitori rice bowl, served with miso soup and pickles
tsukune, chicken meat with leek and tebasaki

Portion was not very big, so guys might find this bowl too little for them. The skinny tebasaki was nice with charred flavour but the chicken with leek was a little tough.

Ayu fish (年魚) was the last to arrive. It required at least 15 to 20 minutes of preparation time. A tiny expensive fish, and one that I had wanted to try, ever since it was shown over at Japan Hour years ago (and it didn't look so tiny then!). Ayu fish is also known as sweetfish.

Ayu fish
sweet cottony flesh

Any fish that's done over the charcoal grill and sprinkled with salt, equates to just one word...yums. The fish was presented whole, and with all its intestinal stuffs intact. Asked the service staff, and he confirmed that it was intentionally served that way. So, when eating, you may want to avoid the bitter stuffs.


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