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Spice Brasserie @ PARKROYAL Hotel, Kitchener Road

Remember to state Parkroyal Hotel at Kitchener Road, failing which, the taxi uncle might just bring you to the other Parkroyals in Singapore. Was invited to Spice Brasserie, to try out their Penang Affair buffet, as well as a sampling of crabs from their popular Crazy Crab buffet.

enter to experience
new buffets

Been ages since I last had any buffets. Was interesting, going around exploring the spread. Let's start from the cold seafood section.

cold seafood section
sushi counter

Probably it's psychological, but when one sees a sushi counter, then automatically we'd be looking for sashimi. Fresh blocks of tuna, swordfish, salmon and tako (octopus) are sliced upon order. The boyish looking and amiable chef at the sashimi counter said that during weekends, he'd be slicing up the pieces non-stop for close to two hours at one stretch!

swordfish and salmon belly

How about starting with something light to warm the stomach? Teochew porridge, perhaps?

pick your pickles
how about savouries for the porridge?
pork ribs~

Really liked how they made the dishes that bit saltier to go well with the plain sweet potato porridge. The braised pig trotters was good. Gelatinous but not 'jelak'.

just the right stuffs for the porridge

There's also an Indian food section, where there are naan, Palak Paneer, Chicken Tikka Massala to name a few.

a pot of flavours

There isn't a lot of everything but there's a bit of something for most. How about western food, you might ask?

salad ingredients
cold cuts, dressings, cheese and breads
just liked the way these were laid out, don't ask me why

But of course, the highlight, is the Penang Affair by Chef Frederick Kho and a sampling from his 'Crazy Crab' spread. Chef Frederick has over 20 years of experience, and is now overseeing the culinary operations of the hotel.

Penang hawker fare dished up from this space

Penang Assam Laksa

This dish uses the local mackerel (ikan kembung) where its flavour had definitely been cooked down till infused into the thick flavourful broth. It was actually much sweeter than what I had expected from a bowl of Penang assam laksa and there wasn't any of those sourish tamarind taste. This broth will surely appeal to those who prefers that little bit of sweetness in their food.

Penang Hawker food would not be complete, without Penang Char Kway Teow. The version here was nicely fried with the thin, not so wide kway teow gentle on the mouth. Soft, almost silky and accented by the lap cheongs and chives.

who ate my char kway teow?

Of course, one mustn't forget the Penang Prawn Noodles. The prawn soup was light and tasty. If you prefer more spicy, then one can add/request more chili to it.

Penang Prawn Noodles sampler

The general advise is to eat the soupy stuffs while they're still hot!

Did someone ask for popiah? They have it here too.

Penang popiah

Not in the mood for popiah? How about some Pasembur?

Pasembur (Indian Rojak with sweet and spicy peanut sauce)

Want something more? Had the chance to try two styles of crabs; Black Pepper and Salted Egg. Did you know that there are up to 12 styles/flavours of crabs during their Friday Crazy Crab buffet!

Sarawak Black Pepper Crab

The Sarawak Black Pepper Crab was peppery spicy (really spicy) and Chef said it has glutinous rice wine in the sauce. But personally, much preferred the Salted Egg Butter crab. The sauce was loaded with a chockful of salted egg goodness! Super heavy duty type. Mud crabs were used and the good ones were quite meaty, firm and subtly sweet. Watch out for those tiny tiny little red fiery chili padis, though. Finger licking good.

Salted Egg Butter Crab

If you're ever here on Friday for the crabs, do try their other recommended styles including Chili, Kam Heong, Golden Cheese and Nonya Chili amongst others.

Having food with such strong flavours demands for a drink to wash it down. Orange juice was my choice. The juice here has minimalistic amount of ice and tasted naturally sweet.

orange and watermelon juice

Main courses, more or less done. So it was time for desserts!

steamed glutinous rice and durian pulp
durian pengat

According to their friendly staff, the durian pengat is popular amongst their diners and after having tasted it, can understand why. The durian paste/pulp was nicely fragrant, sweet yet not overpowering so.

DIY ice kachang?
oh, chendol

Try to go easy on those green coloured stuffs. But ply more of the ice-cream, durian pengat and gula-melaka yums.

dainty little sweet things
nonya kueh selection

A hot drink to go with the cakes and kuehs?

coffee machine
tea selection

Just a little bit of this and that was enough to fill the stomach up pretty quickly.

petite cakes and kueh to end the meal

Thank you HGW (Chiew Mei and Hong An) for the invite and Parkroyal Kitchener (Simon and Cleo) for hosting us, and not forgetting, Chef Frederick for crafting the buffet spread, and whom has generously shared with us on some of the ingredients used.

Spice Brasserie Information

Breakfast: 6.30am to 10.30am (daily)
Lunch: 12noon to 2.30pm (daily)
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm (daily)
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Road, Lobby Level

Telephone: (65) 6428 3160

Buffet Price List* (correct as of date of blog posting):


Per Adult
Per Child
Penang Affair
Mondays to Thursday

Crazy Crab Night
Sensational Seafood
International Buffet
Fridays to Sundays


*Prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. Child prices are applicable for children aged six to 12 years old.


  1. When I saw the sashimi pic, you had me at "boyish chef." heh.


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