Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sushi Tei @ JEM (Jurong East Mall)

Been frequenting JEM quite often these few days. Brought family to try Sushi Tei there.

early summer promo Jun to Aug

Got a plate of sashimi salad to share. Advocating vege for every meal!

beautiful plate of Sashimi Salad (@$9++)
sushi tei's dressing (can choose sesame or soy as well)

The Sushi Tei's dressing for the salad was quite nice though looked abit oily. Tangy enough and not too sourish.

Gindara Misoyaki (@$14.80++)

Actually ordered the Gindara Saikyoyaki (@$13++) from the Summer menu but was charged with a different item. Not sure what we ate, but it was tasty. Hahaa, and the bill reflected misoyaki and we paid. So that's that.

Mon's choice Yakitori Don (@$9.50++)
Dad's choice Ten Don (@$9.50++)
Sis's choice Salmon Don (@$10.50++)
closer view of the salmon slices

The yakitori chicken had that smokey flavour, so it was nice. But there wasn't alot of meat nor sauce.

Really wanted to order something from the Summer menu, so it was a toss-up between the Unagi Hitsumabushi (premium eel on rice with 3 way eating @$15++), or the Tobiuo Sashimi and Sushi Set (Flying Fish @$16++)

Tobiuo Sashimi and Sushi Set

Since no one in my family had tried the flying fish (myself included), so chose the Tobiuo. It's like trying abit of exoticness in our mundane lives.

small small slivers of flying fish sashimi
tobiuo sushi (2 pieces)

The flying fish sashimi was non-oily and has a very light taste. Ate it with the minced ginger and a little spring onions, and a dab of soy.

that's the fin that could 'fly' for about 70km/h


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