Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mado @ JEM

Located at Level 1 of JEM, and saw that they're having a Wednesday Special for $13.90 nett, and one can choose either roast lamb or salmon, served with soup of the day and a drink. Sounds reasonable so went in to try.

dessert menu
looks comfy

First up, the ice apple tea and soup of the day. Mushroom soup was pretty thin, and tasted somewhat like a watered down version of canned soup.

ice apple tea and mushroom soup

The main course was served right after the soup was finished. Liked the way it was plated. However, the fries was cold, and the meat was just lukewarm.

roast lamb rack

Thankfully, the lamb itself was tender and not too gamey. Just wished that it had more flavour and abit more charred on its outside.


Perhaps its desserts would fare better? Maybe ice-cream (and/or turkish desserts) plus italian coffee would be a better choice?

Service staff was generally friendly but further training would be beneficial to their operations.


  1. wow, good job. You are covering lots of food eateries located in JEM! Quite fast!

    1. Yo, thanks for the encouragement! Having the advantage of being a dweller in this part of Singapore. =P

  2. You stay in the west? Nice coverage of what to eat in JEM.

    1. North-west to be exact =)
      Thanks Derrick! Keke, there're still so many eateries in there. Coming for a visit soon?

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  4. I went over to critique this restaurant and my experience is less than appalling.
    Canned mushroom soup, frozen and thawed marinated chicken that's literally dry with no strong aroma or flavor, a bland cheeky olio pasta that was technically cooked incorrectly despite all the components of olive oil, garlic, mushroom, etc, poor presentation of dessert and does not carry the dessert to a whole different level for it's price and dull service as bad as an anti-social shut-in.

    You my friend I feel are too nice for your own good.
    It's articles like yours that hurt people's experience and wallets and destroy their chance to spend their time elsewhere better. I like some of your work, but some just don't cut it and this is one of them. I say this sincerely because I HATED that restaurant's food, service and the way they price their food and the fact that they charge 30 cents behind their 10% service charge and we still get crap, both in service and food quality.

    That restaurant's a sham and your article aren't helping people think wisely.


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