Monday, July 1, 2013

Mayim @ West Mall Part II

Located at Level 2 of West Mall Bukit Batok. Was there for lunch.

revamped menu

They're having a 1-for-1 Lobster and abalone promo for $68++ but we didn't go for that.

Ordered our usual dishes with steamed rice.

sugar cane, ginseng root drink (@$4.50++)

pig trotters vinegar and stir-fried fish slice with onions (@$7++ and $9.90++ respectively)

stir-fried spinach with chinese sausage and roast pork slices (@$11.80++)

chicken dish (@$10.80++)

Everything was tasty. The pig trotters with vinegar was nicely sourish and tangy, sweet and saltish at the same time. Only downside, the meat was too lean and not tender enough!

There's a downside though. Didn't notice that they charged the kimchi (@$2.50++) though we didn't take any. Got to be more careful next time.

Meal costs $79 and fed a family of five adults.


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