Friday, June 28, 2013

Shabuya @ Vivocity

Located at Level 1 of Vivocity, and its just beside Tajimaya. Been to Tajimaya numerous times for the BBQ beef lunch set and yesterday, was the first time we ventured next door to Shabuya for Japanese hot-pot. I've always viewed both as the same, just that one is done BBQ style while the other is done shabu-shabu style.

ala-carte menu
lunch sets

Just one glance and all three of us, went for the Wagyu Set (@$25.90++). Under this 'Heart Warming' Lunch Set promo where two same sets are ordered, the first person pays the full price and the second person will be charged just $9.90++. So, do come in pairs to enjoy this heartwarming lunch sets! Savings is about $5+ per pax, assuming wagyu sets were ordered for both parties.

large pot, one half sukiyaki the other half shabu-shabu
flaming and ready to boil

Other tables were cooking via the induction but ours were on the small gas stove. Hmm, probably the induction on our table was faulty...

Wagyu Set /Set D (@$25.90++)

utensils for 'cooking' and eating
nice marbling
thinly sliced chicken
xiao bai cai, chinese cabbage, corn, shitake mushrooms, golden mushroom (enoki), tofu and leek

The waitress who brought the plates of raw food to our table, had accidentally dropped one mushroom onto the floor. Not a big deal, but decided to tease her abit by saying that we now had one mushroom less to eat. She said she'll replace it and true enough, she returned with not just 1 mushroom but a small bowl of it. Haha!

いただきあす~ let's start!

The small bowls of salad appeared when we were already 15 minutes into the meal. Nobody remembers because we were too busy enjoying the hot-pot!

salad of the day
steaming hot

ready-to eat

The shabu-shabu soup wasn't bland to start with, so it became even better with all the ingredients added and simmered for awhile. The rest of the table preferred the sukiyaki for it's stronger and more flavourful taste. Shabu soup was milder and more subtle.

A mere few seconds of dipping and 'dragging back and forth' the beef in the boiling broth was enough, leaving parts of the beef slightly pink.

tangy dip

The dipping sauce was tangy and not too salty, with a hint of lemon. We were almost like more than half-way through our meal and then I remembered, "Where's the chili sauce?" So, made a request and the service staff took quite a while to bring it to us.

must-have chilies

Seriously, do remember the chilies. Tasted somewhat like chicken rice chilies but minus the oil. Yums. And, powerful enough to give a kick (but doesn't lingers). If the heat gets too much, just cool it down with ice green tea.


Didn't have much expectations on the udon as it wasn't much of a looker. Hahaha, ok. Sometimes, we humans can be superficial, yes? But after cooking it, the udon was smooth and chewy. Even if it was left abit longer in the pot, it was still nicely chewy. Good stuffs.

looks as if it was just awaken from chilled slumber
after cooking

All of us enjoyed the lunch set and left with a satisfied stomach.


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