Sunday, June 23, 2013

O'Coffee Club @ Paragon

Was at Paragon on a Saturday and wanted to eat at either of the Japanese restaurants. However, the queue was daunting. Almost every other place has queues to rival Hello Kitty's. Ok. That is probably an exaggeration but queues everywhere!

One of those few places that one need not queue, was Coffee Club. It's been ages since I last drank or ate anything from Coffee Club.

shop front

They're having a limited-edition GSS menu till 28 July 2013, where if one is paying via UOB credit card, then for every 2 purchase of pasta from GSS menu, diners will get complimentary soup of the day and a soda drink (from 3 choices).

GSS menu

There's only 4 choices of pasta to choose from this menu, so we had Chilli Crab Linguini, Mad Seafood Pasta and Trailblazing Teriyaki Chicken Pasta. All of the pasta are priced at $18.50++ except for the teriyaki chicken which was a dollar less.

For soup of the day, we had a choice between mushroom or broccoli.

broccoli soup

For drinks, we chose Mojito Apple soda and Strawberry soda. The Mojito Apple soda was refreshing and not too sweet but it could definitely do better with more mint!

Apple Mojito
essence of apple?

The pasta was served piping hot.

Chilli Crab Linguini pasta
Mad Seafood Pasta
Trailblazing Teriyaki Chicken pasta
yummy chicken

The first thing that struck me about the teriyaki chicken pasta? The sweet sauce. Spaghetti in sweet sauce. Hmm. But the chicken was quite enjoyable. Tender and well marinated. The seafood pasta came loaded with ingredients but was really oily. Best flavour goes to Chili Crab Linguini. All plates have one thing in common though. The huge amount of noodles served. Hahaa! Good if you're really hungry.

Service was generally friendly.

Spent about $22 per pax for the meal.


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