Friday, June 7, 2013

鸭王 (Duck King / King Roast Duck) @ Minzuyuan Road, Beijing

Here is its address in Chinese: 朝阳区民族园路1号 which translates to 1 Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang District.

Apparently ranked #399 out of 3901 restaurants in Beijing by Tripadvisor, and it made into Top Ten (#4) Peking Duck restaurants in Beijing based on a 2011 article.

restaurant's facade
cute chopstick holder

As usual, our choice of drink would be sour plum juice (酸梅汤) but this time, we had beer as well. And why not? Local beer is very very wallet friendly in Beijing! Beer brand like Yanjing have very light taste but it's refreshing on a warm night.

local beer
beer in a wine glass?

Happy to say that all the dishes that were on our table, tasted good. Just remember to state, "少盐少油" (shao yan, shao you) which means less salt and less oil, before the service staff sends out the order to the kitchen.

pig trotters
beef hotplate
pork ribs with corn

My senior manager adores the pork dishes (plus lotus roots) while I'd go for the beef. Vegetables was good too. Just the corn that's not agreeable. Don't quite like Beijing corn, because I think its texture is all wrong.

But of course, the highlight would be the Peking Duck, which was served last and rightly so. The portion of it wasn't that big to be shared for our table of 8 pax. If I remember correctly, the price of the Peking Duck was around ¥198 per bird (about SGD40), and it was roasted upon order.

Peking Duck
盐酥骨架 (deep fried bones with pepper and salt)

The duck skin was crackling and has enough oil. But the finale was its bone carcass which we requested for deep fried with salt and pepper (extra charge). Just the right snack for the cold beer.

If not wrong, the entire meal that night (with a couple more dishes that I didn't photograph and included vege, and lotus roots) costs less than ¥800 which was about SGD22 per pax for our group.


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