Thursday, June 6, 2013

康师傅私房厨牛肉面 (Master Kong Chef's Table) @ Minzuyuan Road, Beijing

Located at No. 2 Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. According to wiki, 康師傅 (Kang shi-fu or Master Kong) is a brand owned by Tingyi Holding Corp, from Taiwan.

The place is pretty close to the hotel that we're staying at.


Specializing in beef noodles, it also has rice option.

original sauce beef rice
half beef half tendon
flat noodles
gold medal beef noodles soup
tender beef slices

The small dish of preserved vege helped to give the soup a little lift.

preserved vege

The soup was flavourful but not quite strong. There's vinegar on the table for that added oomph.

black fungus - side dish
red bean cake

For desserts, we ordered the coconut red bean white cake. It's like a pudding but a little more solid than pudding. Not overly sweet.

The main dish price ranged from ¥26 to ¥36. This place also has set meals and has options to top up for dessert/side-dish and a drink.

There's also a discount card that entitles the user a 12% discount. This card can be bought for ¥10, and comes with two luggage tag.

discount card with luggage tags


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