Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CM-PB @ Dempsey Road

CM-PB is actually an abbreviation of Contemporary Melting - Pot & Bar. Now, that's quite a mouthful. Located at Block 7 of Dempsey Road and there's a carpark nearby. How convenient is that.


Beer is prominent here, so we started with that.

Corona @$8++ (HH)

After looking at the beer menu, the best value would be Corona as for the same Happy Hour price, you'll be getting 25ml more. Yeah, cheap thrill...I know. Hahaha!

loved the golden colour

For munchies, there's plenty of choice. The table near us ordered their mains and it looked quite substantial.

truffle fries with ketchup (@$15++)
fries, and more fries!

The fries tasted best when it landed on the table. Piping hot, lovely truffle-y scented and just so good with the ketchup. But after an hour or so, it became rather hard and one would be compelled not to eat it anymore.

Wagyu Cube (@$22++)
nice, juicy meaty cubes

A meatatarian must have her meats! The Wagyu Cubes here was served on a longish looking plate, with lots of greens and sauteed mushroom. Likey likey. The sauce was a tad too salty though but it's ok since we polished off the entire plate. The cubes were slightly chewy but yet tender enough to want to eat more.

Our Mojito (@13++ HH)

Happy Hour (HH) runs till 9pm, and one could save around $3++ thereabouts per drink, so do order early.


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