Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fish Mart Sakuraya @ West Coast Plaza

Located at B1 of West Coast Plaza. Just walk straight from the entrance near the taxi area and one can see the shop already.

Shop entrance is via the fish mart. Visited on a weekday for dinner and there were plenty of seats available.

small plates

If you're looking for bento sets during dinner time, then you won't be able to find one here. Sushi don is available though.

hitachino nest white ale (@$8.50)

Happy to see craft beer available here. Hitachino Nest White Ale was yum on a warm night. Taste was light and fruitty.

golden fruitty flavour

For mains, my colleague had the salmon don while mine was the chirashi don.

Chirashi Don (@$14)
thin slice of salmon
consistently thin slices

Chirashi Don has three types of fish, all consistently sliced. Rather thin. Ginger was well pickled but the rice felt somewhat lacking.

asari miso soup (@$5), chuka wakame (@$3) and tori karaage (@$6)
must have some greens

Asari miso soup tasted more of miso than clams. The tori karaage was pleasant and tasty. The thigh meat was firm but not dried out. Hint of ginger.

Service was adequate. Requests for an empty bowl, or an extra glass were acceded to. The only difference was, one was delivered with a smile while the other was done with a doesn't-give-a-hoot look. O..k...

Pay at the cashier when you're done. If not using the towels, then just return it to the cashier.


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