Friday, June 14, 2013

sQue Rotisserie & Alehouse @ The Central Clarke Quay

Located at The Central Clarke Quay, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street. The restaurant's outdoor area is pretty large, and we visited on a weekday evening. Their friendly service staff got us a table by the river.

GSS at sQue
Father's Day specials

Happy Hour at sQue happens in two installments. First one ends at 7pm, and the next round begins at 9pm! And, they have an-all-day cocktail promo where one gets 1-for-1 for selected cocktails for under $20.

Got ourselves some beer and deep fried calamari to start with.

pretty, pretty Stella
Calamari Fritte (@$14.50++)

The calamari looked nicer than it tasted, which was unfortunate. The batter was too bland.

liked the red paper napkin

For mains, we had seabass, pork ribs and spring chicken. The seabass dish certainly made an impression on us. For being the smallest plate of main course, and with a high mash-potato to fish ratio. Needless to say, my colleagues who ordered this, were grumbling much...especially when the rotisseries meats came along.

Seabass Florentine (@$24++)
Pork Ribs (@$25++)
tender rib meat, falling off the bone
Spring Chicken (@$18.50++)
plump, tender, sweet drumstick~

The advice is...just stick to the rotisserie items and you'll not be disappointed. The pork ribs has the strongest flavours with well-marinated meat. Goes really well with the drinks.

Personally, I'd think the spring chicken was the most value-for-money. Its taste was mostly unadulterated, with the meat moist from its own juice. The honey mustard glaze on the skin-bits and back-bones was a teaser. Sweet and with some tangy-ness. Just that tiny hint to tease the tastebuds.

wilted spinach and mushrooms

The mushrooms and spinach were pretty tasty. However, spinach was unevenly seasoned with some parts more heavily salted than the rest.

Moscato D'Asti from Piedmont, Italy (@$20.50++ for 2 glasses)

Loved the moscato. Fruitty to the nose and easy to drink. Sweet~

Ordered a couple more finger food to share as we're still drinking. But I was still pretty stuffed from all the chicken!

garlic prawn squer (@$9.50++)
closer view of the prawns

fish fingers of dory strips, served with french fries (@$15++)
Ok, rotisserie items still trumps. Eat the garlic prawns with the sweet sauce (that looked like sambal btw...). Won't regret it. Dory strips were kind of bland. Batter problem? The fries that came along with the fish fingers was good though.

At 9pm, sQue will sound the bell to signal the start of Happy Hour Round Two! *Ding Ding*

Hahaha, we tried two more cocktails that was under the 1-for-1 promotion. Tried the Uppercut and Singapore Sling. First time getting acquainted with amaretto, a sweet, almond-flavoured, Italian liqueur. Overall, the cocktail was a very sweet orangey drink with strong whiff of almond. Don't expect too strong of alcohol, though.

Uppercut (vodka, amaretto and orange juice)
Singapore Sling


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