Saturday, June 15, 2013

陕西味道 (Shan Xi Wei Dao) @ Minzuyuan Road, Beijing

Here is the address: 朝阳区民族园路1号唐人街商场1楼(近大润发班车处). Basically, it's located at the Chinatown Plaza, Minzuyuan Road.

inside the shop, order from counter
brinjal rice set (@¥21)
closer view

It does a pretty good version of the 肉夹馍 (rou jia mo). Chose the half/half option where the meat is half lean half fat. Good choice. Nicely juicy with non-dry-out version of the 'bread'.

肉夹馍 (rou jia mo)
half lean half fat

One of our colleague was feeling under the weather, so he ordered chicken soup noodles.

chicken noodles soup set
simple comfort food

But the main attraction of this shop (for us, at least), was a noodle called 'biang biang' noodles. Here's its wiki link. Its name is a word that contain many many words inside. Here's a graphic for illustration as I don't think there's anyone who has the time to write it out...

biang biang noodles
super long piece of mee hoon kueh


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