Sunday, June 16, 2013

Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House @ ION Orchard (Part II)

Didn't realize that it has been a year since the last visit. Wow. Ok, was there on a weekend and boy, there was already a queue at 1130am.

ready to order

Ordered some dim sum items and friend wanted the pig trotters pot. Pig trotters for brunch? Hmm, what kind of combo is that??

chinese tea (香片@$2++)

One year has passed, and yes, the patrons are all still seated pretty near each other. Quite a few Japanese diners too.

My must-haves for Hong Kong dim sums are siew mai, beef balls and custard bun. Couldn't find the panfried carrot cake on the menu so opted for steamed yam cake. Keke, ok ok. I admit. It was the lap cheong that made me do it! Turns out to be not bad, with enough lap cheong to carry the taste although panfried carrot cake would've been a much preferred choice.

Beef balls were bouncy and tender, and doesn't have too much of the dried tangerine peel (陈皮). In fact, almost none was detected.

steamed siew mai (@$4.80++)

steamed beef balls with vege (@$3.60++)
steamed yam cake (@$3.60++)
steamed custard bun (@$4.20++)
salty sweet lavalicious~

And my friend ordered his exotic combo. These:

beef brisket rice roll (@$6++)
pig trotters pot (@$14++)

If only the beef brisket was more tender....if only the cheong fun was wrapping tender stewed brisket instead of it being 'kosong' and rolled-up...sighs.

The pig trotters were quite soft and collageney (mostly skins). Had a hint of herb flavours. I seriously feel that no one would order this with their dim sum.

The meal costs about $23 per pax. The rice rolls did a pretty good job of filling us up.

Here's a link to first visit.


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