Thursday, July 4, 2013

Empire State @ Causeway Point Woodlands

Was at Causeway Point for late lunch, and thought of having western food since my parents seldom have those. The queue at Manhattan Fish Market was expectantly long, as they're running the $3.99++ fish & chips promo. It was a different story at Empire State with just one or two tables occupied.

regular menu
super saver meals

Parents and sis wanted the roast chicken leg (@$7.90++) while I opted for the stewed beef with rice (@$8.90++). Actually was hoping for dad to order the quarter ribs but alas, there were no takers...

Topped up $3.90++ for two of the sets to get soup of the day and a drink, and had an ala-carte order of butternut squash soup (@$5.90++). Had that once, and thought it was nice.

Food was served in a zippy! Real fast. So fast that we were just onto our fourth spoonful of soup and there our mains were already on the table. -_-'''

tomato soup (soup of the day)
butternut squash with sweet potato soup

Hmm, the butternut squash soup was thick and warm. Sweet. But somehow, the preference today went to tomato soup for it was more tangy and not too thick. Whets up the appetite! However, it was also a tad too sweet.

roasted chicken leg with aglio olio and vegetables

The roasted chicken leg was tender, though alittle smallish in size. The aglio olio was al-dente and do watch out for bits of chili padi in them.

stewed beef with plain rice and vegetables

The beef was quite chunky and lean. Somewhat stringy but thankfully, not too tough. Would've prefered if there are some fats in it. Sauce was alright and not too salty. Maybe they can serve a bit of the sauce on the side so that there's enough to drizzle on the rice...

stringy meat

Iced water is available and service was generally good. There's a 10% discount on ala-carte items if one is using OCBC credit card to pay.


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