Sunday, July 21, 2013

&MADE By Bruno Ménard @ Pacific Plaza, Scotts Road

Curiouser, curiouser and that's what brought me there. The place was quiet on a Sunday afternoon, way past lunch time.

red napkin

It was no fun being a lone diner. The only table for two was smack right in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by tables meant for four and more...

casual diner

Anyway, tried the 'B' burger (@$19++) and had an iced tea (@$6++). Think my mind had a brief disconnect at that moment as I had mistakenly thought iced tea as iced lemon tea...ya, I know...I know...

The osmanthus sancha (sencha?) was a novelty, in terms of the way it was served. Osmanthus flavoured tea frozen in ice cubes and then dissolved with hot water to release the flavours. It has a sweet smell in the beginning but in terms of taste, it tasted like an extremely light green tea, or plain water. Should've just added $2++ to get a half pint of beer. *sobs*

iced tea (osmanthus sancha)

The burger looked quite manageable as it arrived on the table.

The 'B' Burger (served with garlic & vinegar fries)
shoestring fries

The fries tasted more of garlic than vinegar. In fact, hardly any vinegar taste at all.

dry aged beef patty, caramelized onions, comte cheese and garlic mayo

First time having comté cheese and thought it had melted quite nicely on the patty. According to wiki, comté cheese ought to have a certain grading for taste in order for it to be called as what it is, otherwise, it'll just be gruyère. Interesting.

thick patty

Quite liked the texture and the thickness of the beef patty. The overall flavours were surprisingly subtle, with just that hint of sweetness from caramelized onions, and that occasional whiff of garlic mayo and probably that bit of melted butter on the bun surface.

Felt rather stuffed by the end of the meal.

For the month of July, there's a sure-win lucky dip after one has settled the bill, and this is in conjunction with &Made's 1st Birthday Celebration. Apparently one might win a burger (a Rossini, perhaps?)

mini sundae redeemable before 15 August 2013 (terms & conditions apply)


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