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Oishii @ Liang Court 2013: Wednesday Food Tasting Trail

If you're someone who frequents Liang Court, or someone who wants to try certain restaurants in Liang Court but have yet to do so, then you're in for a treat! Oishii @ Liang Court 2013 is a month long celebration from July to August and features Japanese themed cooking workshops for all ages, an all-you-can-eat Iwate Wanko soba challenge and the first ever food tasting trail*!

Oishii @ Liang Court 2013 Activities

Was invited to Liang Court to preview its Wednesday Food Trail.  Ok, so what's this Wednesday Food Trail? Here's an imaginary FAQ.

Q: Has it started?
A: The actual dates of availibility of this food trail are on Wednesdays of 17, 24, 31 July 2013 and ends on 7 August 2013.

Q: How to participate?
A: Purchase dining coupons for $30 and receive a copy of the Food Trail Guide at Level 2 Customer Service Counter. Inside, one will find details of the participating restaurants and the items offered as part of the food trail.

Q: How does it work?
A: With the dining trail coupon, sample 3 different meals at any of the participating 12 restaurants. Note that the first restaurant has been pre-selected, so diners can choose their second and third stops from
any of the remaining 11 participating F&B shops.

Q: Oooh, so the first restaurant is a mystery?
A: Yes.

Q: Which are the 12 participating restaurants?
  • Dulcet & Studio #01-41
  • Marutama Ramen #02-01
  • Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai #B1-01
  • Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru inside MEIDI-YA Supermarket #B1-31/50
  • Saizeriya #02-22
  • Shakey’s Pizza #02-32
  • Shin Yeh #02-19
  • Tamoya #01-32
  • Tampopo Deli #B1-16
  • Tanyoto #01-25
  • Thirsty The Beer Shop #02-34
  • Tonkatsu Karzan Ramen #01-10
  • Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant inside MEIDI-YA Supermarket #B1-31/50 

Was invited to preview 3 participating restaurants of the Wednesday Food Tasting Trail; Marutama Ramen, Shakey's Pizza and Saizeriya, and lastly, got to pick a bottle from Thirsty-The Beer Shop.

First Stop: Marutama Ramen

Limited Edition: Ra-men Zenbu-Nose

Am familiar with Marutama, so was delighted that they've actually created something new for this food tasting trail.

shop front

Specially assembled for the Oiishi Wednesday Food Trail Special:
Ra-men Zenbu-Nose (U.P $18)

This bowl of chicken-based ramen has it all. Kakuni (stewed pork belly), chashiu (sliced roast pork), aosa (seaweed), negi (spring onion) and ajituke tamago (half boiled seasoned egg).  
springy noodles and soft stewed meat
ajituke tamago

The chashiu was really good with adequate melt-in-your mouth fats ratio. And its seasoned half-boiled egg was just the way I liked it. Strong soy flavoured yolk and soft-firm egg whites.

Second Stop: Shakey's Pizza

It's been so long since I last had Shakey's. So this food tasting trail was a good opportunity to get re-acquainted with the brand. Did you know that Shakey's has been around since 1954?

Shakey's board
our table

For this Wednesday Food Trail Special, Shakey's offering selected dishes from their regular menu. Usual price for these items are between the $19+ range.

Slim Trim Caesar Salad (@$4.80)
Spaghetti Carbonara (@$13.80)

The presentation of the carbonara was good for a family-styled pizza restaurant. The salad came with the carbonara.

Hula Hawaiian Classic Pizza (9-inch, $18.80)

The pizza at Shakey's didn't disappoint. It was really good. The Hula Hawaiian has a chewy bite and full of cheese flavours. In my midst of enjoying the Hawaiian, I had forgotten to try the Oishi Wasabi Premium Pizza ($19.80). By the time I wanted to, it was devoured clean. What a bummer!

Usually one doesn't associate ribs with a pizza place, but Shakey's has it!

Shakey's Baby Back Ribs (full slab @$19.80)
meaty bones

Liked that the ribs retained some bite as the meaty flavours permeates as one chews.

It's a hard toss between ribs and pizza. But one could always share to enjoy both.

Third Stop: Saizeriya

Wednesday Food Tasting Trail banner at Saizeriya

Saizeriya appeals to the budget conscious and it's a family-styled restaurant where one could order western-styled food. Usually thronged by students.

For this Wednesday Food Trail, Saizeriya is offering the US Sirloin (U.P. $11.90), salad and a free-flow drink bar (U.P. $3.90).

free-flow from drink bar
healthy salad
US Sirloin

Drink Stop: Thirsty-The Beer Shop

Yes, we were indeed thirsty by the end of our third stop. Thirsty for a beer.

lots of choices

Diner** who had bought the Wednesday Food Tasting Trail coupon, is entitled to a free beer/cider worth $6.50.

we're friends, so we share

With so many selections, we're all spoilt for choice. Of course the price range will help to narrow this down. It sure is colourful in there with so many brands of bottled beers.

framboise for moi
liked this very much~

Ready for your own Wednesday Food Trail experience from the 12 participating shops?

Special thanks to Leslie, Aaron and Fiona from SG Story and Lynn from AsiaMalls for the invite and for hosting us.

*At selected participating restaurants only
**Need to be of legal drinking age


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