Monday, December 31, 2012

Pies & Coffee @ Rochester Mall

Rochester Mall, that building beside Rochester Park, and somewhat close to Star Vista. I wonder if it was nearer if I had walked from Star Vista instead of the one big round via the main road. Hmm. Pretty near Starbucks Rochester Park.

shop front
Ordered one savoury and one sweet pie. Wagyu Beef Cheek 4 inch version (@$9.95+) and a slice of Macadamia Nut Cheese Pie (@$8.95+). Had latte for drinks.

buzz you when ready

Actually didn't really need the buzzer. The order was completed probably in five minutes time.

savoury & sweet

Wagyu beef cheek pie was served with a dollop of mash potato and a side serving of greens.

served with mash and greens
nice, tender, savoury meat

The wagyu beef cheek didn't dissappoint. It was quite yums. However, the mash potato would probably be better if it was smoother.

The latte was smooth and not too acidic. Didn't have the need to put any sugar too. The cookies are free-flow, so can take as per needed.

macadamia cheese pie
cheesy bits

Lots of macadamia on the sweet pie, and the cheese taste was not too strong. But somehow, it just felt that something was missing. Hmm.

Overall, the pies and coffee cost about $30 for two pax.


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