Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Melaka: Bunga Raya Pork Porridge @ Plaza Mahkota

Located at one of the alleys at Plaza Mahkota, and quite near to the hotel when I was in Melaka recently. Lunched there and to pass time while waiting for check-in time.

inside of the shop

Order and pay at the counter, then sit down and wait for food and drink to be served.

lone newspaper clipping

To tell the truth, the shop does have a dated feel to it. Apparently, it's now run by the 4th generation, so ordered pork porridge to try. The lady at the counter asked if I'd eat internal organs and I said yes, so they did a mixed parts pork porridge.

pork porridge (small)
small intestine, minced pork balls, sliced lean pork and liver

On first sip of the porridge, it tasted predominantly of soya sauce. It lacked flavour. The liver and lean meat were very overcooked. Fortunately, the small intestine was soft and tender. And the best tasting ingredient, was the minced meat balls. It has bits of salted vege (was it chye poh?) in it. Kind of something that ah ma (grandma) would make at home. Retro.

Somehow, this bowl of light tasting porridge kind of grew on me as I was eating it. Perhaps, it evoked a sense of nostalgia.

sour plum

The sour plum drink tasted like sour plum, but the sour plum didn't look like the kind of sour plum that I know.

sour plum
This meal costs RM5.50 in total.


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