Thursday, December 20, 2012

Melaka: Nadeje @ Plaza Mahkota

Walked past this shop, so went in for cake and coffee. If dining in, then just go up to the cake counter to choose the cake and then the service staff will show you to your table. Then, peruse the drinks menu and make your choice.

Ordered the Original Mille Crepe, and a cup of Melaka Latte.

Melaka Latte
The Melaka Latte was rather thick. Made a mistake of dumping in a stick of sugar before tasting. Ended up with a slightly too sweet version than preferred. Forgotten that this coffee already had palm sugar syrup in it. And that contribute to its distinct taste.

Original Mille Crepe (@RM9)
many layers

such thin layers

Liked the cake. Not too sweet, and tasted moist, creamy and light. Yums.

One of their staff, a Mr Shahrukh Khan (he mentioned that his name is the similar to the Bollywood superstar) said that the owner of the shop is a Japanese lady and that Nadeje in Czech, means "Hope".


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