Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters @ Metro Kajang

Grew up in an era where KFC was considered a special treat for occasions like birthdays. For mom's, she wanted to have Kenny Rogers. So off we went, to have chicken for dinner.

chicken for dinner

All of us had quarter chicken, and that comes with three side dishes and a muffin. Everyone except me opted out of muffins and had another side dish instead.

They don't have corn muffin here. Only vanilla, banana or chocolate. Hmmm, so vanilla muffin for me. Tasted quite nice, soft and mildly sweet.

vanilla muffin
quarter chicken with black pepper sauce, sides of mac & cheese, coleslaw and fruits

Dark meat is my favourite, but the restaurant need to be fair to other customers so had chicken breast instead. For breast meat, it was dry. So remember to ask for more sauce.

macaroni and cheese
white meat

The mac & cheese here was not as nice as the ones in Singapore. Too little cheese and it was a tad too cold. The coleslaw was nice though. Fresh and tangy. Fruits looked healthy, so had that to balance things out.

The restaurant gave us a jelly dessert because we have a birthday girl with us.

birthday jelly, with a scoop of ice cream and lots of whipped cream

And if one is using AMEX to pay, then there is another free dessert for spending above RM50, plus one free quarter chicken meal for every three ordered (just one per table).

chocolate cake
not quite oozing out, but it's there nevertheless

The cake was sinfully sweet but enjoyable. Total bill came up to RM80+ after the discount and it fed a family of five.


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