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Bornga 본가/本家 @ Star Vista, Buona Vista

Located at Level 2 of Star Vista, Bornga was one of the few restaurants that piqued my interest, especially if its "WooSamGyup" 우삼겹 (new style Korean beef BBQ) recipe by Chef Paik Jong Won, is a patented one.

Was there around 7pm on a weekend and the waiting time was about 20-30 minutes.

BBQ meat prices ranges from $18++ till $45++. The intention was to try their trademarked dish "WooSamGyup" ($22++), but the minimum order is 2 portions so we ordered the Samgyupsal 삼겹살 ($18++) as well.

table setting

Complimentary drinks came in the form of a plastic jug of tea (room temperature), which is left on the table for the diners to help themselves with.

complimentary tea
help yourself

For those having BBQ, there would be a flurry of activities as the service staff will bring sauces, vegetables platter and side dishes to your table.

special sauce for the WooSamGyup
tasted like sesame oil
garlic slices

The special sauce tasted salty, tangy and sweet. The assorted vegetable was kind of impressive due to its length. Covered the entire width of the table. WOoo!

Ssamcheban (assorted vegetables platter)
The Ssamcheban has lettuces, cabbages (boiled), spinach (raw), carrot sticks and large green chilies and some unknown vege.

There were four types of side dishes; lettuce salad, shredded spring onion kimchi/salad, kimchi (non-spicy) and radish kimchi served in medium bowls.

lettuce salad
shredded spring onions
radish kimchi
watery kimchi (didn't fancy this)

The radish kimchi was the nicest of all side dishes. Juicy and tangy! The shredded onions was nice too, if you like onions but I choked on it the first time because of its 'spiciness' (similar to wasabi but not as powerful).

Samgyupsal (pork belly, lightly seasoned with pepper)
WooSamGyup (marinated thinly sliced beef brisket)

Once the meat arrived, and the grill has heated up, it was time for BBQ!

slow and easy
looking good

Grilling the meats were easy-peasy. The thinly sliced beef sizzled right away, and it'll taste good no matter how you cooked it (unless it's burnt to a crisp..)

beautiful looking ready-to-eat WooSamGyup

Then, enjoy the meat by wrapping it in wonderfully fresh lettuce.

lettuce wrapped WooSamGyup

For pork belly, the grilling time was definitely much longer and it always made the grilling plate dirty pretty fast. Service staff who happened to walk by would then offer to change the grilling plate to a clean one.

grilled pork belly
almost finishing the bean paste sauce

Chomped down lettuces upon lettuces and pretty soon, the platter looked like this:
where has all the greens gone to?

Ate the green chili and found that, actually there wasn't any heat in it at all. Just seeds. Lots of seeds.

hot stuffs

All the side dishes are refillable, but the two of us barely managed to finish them. But we did request for one more small plate of lettuce. If you're really not into grilling, then perhaps can ask for assistance as I saw the floor manager (presumably) going round and helping diners with the meat grilling. But he didn't help us. But that's because I think we were grilling too slowly (like two to four few pieces at any time) to require any assistance!

At the end of the meal, the staff will serve diners with a complimentary drink: omija (오미자). Also known as 五味茶 or five flavour tea. Its berry is called the five flavour berry. According to wikipedia, this berry has medicinal values but should not be used by pregnant women.

omija drink
Omija was served in a small bowl, with crushed ice. Tasted salty, sweet and tangy (sour). Didn't taste any bitter nor spicy taste though. If you like sour plum drink, then you'll probably like this drink too. 

orangey coloured

Service staff were friendly, and they were pretty alert on dirty grill plates. After the BBQ meal, we smelled like BBQ ourselves.

This meal costs $49.45 for two pax and it fed us well.


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