Friday, December 14, 2012

Sarang - Modern Korean Dining @ Orchard Central (Part II)

Located at Level 7 of Orchard Central. Second visit and this time round for dinner. Chose indoor seats and thankfully, the music wasn't that loud. At one glance, its patrons were made up of mainly young adults. We were the oldies there.

drinks menu
indoor seats

For drinks, we tried the Makgeolli Mojito, Makgeolli Orange and Maesil Cha (plum tea). The makgeolli drinks were $10++ each, while maesil cha was $4++. The makgeolli drinks were very very mild. One would be inclined to think these were mocktails instead of it being a cocktail!

Makgeolli Mojito
Makgeolli Orange

Its food menu had undergone some changes. For example, chicken bong bong and ginseng porridge are no longer available. Anyway, we ordered the Sarang Japchae (@$9.80++), Modeum Pajeon (pancake with seafood and bacon @ $13.80++), Dak Gangjeong (tangy fried chicken @$12.80++) and a Kimchi Jjim (braised kimchi and pork @$15.80++). And two bowls of rice to share amongst the three of us.

This place doesn't serve complimentary banchans. Nope. But if you order a bowl of rice (@$1.80++), then that does come with three types of banchan (two types of kimchi and one peanuts). Unfortunately, this was the first time that I didn't like any of the banchans. There was one hard and crunchy strips that tasted like chye poh, the cabbage kimchi was nicely soft but it was shredded and overly salty. The peanuts were the crunchy type.

chye poh radish? No idea, but it was hard and crunchy
kimchi and peanuts (crunchy)
Sarang Japchae

The Japchae was very tasty and oily but nevertheless, we slurped it all.

yums chewy strands

Kimchi Jjim, or kimchi boiled marinated pork belly in sauce. There was only little bit of sauce but enough to slather some over the rice. Nice.

Kimchi Jjim
layered with shredded eggs, tofu, pork and kimchi
braised pork belly on rice
tap water

Watch out for the super salty kimchi at the bottom of the bowl. The meat wasn't cooked till tender soft. In fact, it was rather chewy.

Supreme pancake or modeum pajeon, was served in an elongated plate. The seafood ingredients seemed to be just squid. Liked the vege in the pancake!

Modeum Pajeon (Supreme Pancake)
closer view

The Dak Gangjeong was five pieces of deep fried drumlets in tangy sauce. Crunchy batter and well-seasoned.

Dak Gangjeong

Service was friendly and the meal costs about $32 per pax.


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