Thursday, December 6, 2012

Harry's @ Rail Mall, Bukit Timah

Was there on a weekday night. Outdoor seats were pretty limited and close proximity between tables.

Ordered a pint of Erdinger and some bar snacks; mini fish & chips and prawn wantons.

Erdinger draught @$16++ per pint
food's arriving
mini fish & chips @$13++

There were two fish & chips listed. One in the regular menu while the other from the bar snacks menu. Price difference of $3, so asked the waitress what's the difference between the two. The regular menu Fish & Chips would be two larger pieces of fish while the mini version would have smaller chunks of about four to five pieces. I remembered that I had half portion of the regular fish and chips at Harry's @ Boat Quay and remembered liking it. Not sure why but the ones here at Harry's Rail Mall were much greasier.

prawn wantons @ $12++
small prawn

There's a 15% discount if paying via StanChart credit card.


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