Sunday, December 23, 2012

Melaka: Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jalan Hang Kasturi (Jonker Street)

Stopped by this cafe for a breather after getting lost for about fifteen minutes or so. Hahaa, my sense of direction is as atrocious as ever.

The cafe has a relaxed vibe to it. You can curl up with a book, and enjoy a cool coffee from any of the 13 states in Malaysia.

alfresco seats, outer side of the cafe
inner courtyard

Ordered a Sarawak Blenz, and a Nyonya laksa for lunch.

Sarawak Blenz

coffee jelly

The Sarawak Blenz was nice to drink, although I should really be having something to quench that thirst! Coffee jelly was a subtle complement to the drink. Something to chew on, while waiting for the drink to melt a little. Coffee was not too strong, and whipped cream gave it a smooth feel. Not too sweet and that's a major plus point.

My food was missing due to some miscommunication and when it came, the beehoon had already soaked up the sauce.

nice presentation
Nyonya Laksa with beehoon
dried sambal chilies

The laksa was fragrant, and quite 'lemak'. Ingredients were pretty simple. Deep fried beancurd skins, taupok, tiny fishballs, some shredded cucumber and egg strips. Big bowl and took quite an effort to finish!

Personally, I felt that the star of the dish, was the accompanying dried sambal chilies. Crispy, very yummy, and not too spicy.

This meal costs about RM16, and the service staff was friendly and courteous.


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