Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chye Seng Huat Hardware @ Tyrwhitt Road

Finally visited this place. It sure was busy! The entrance had a partially opened steel door, so we slipped past it and into the alfresco area of the shop. Was surprised to see that much of unused space in the compound. Order and pay inside the shop. NETs and cash only.

view of the entrance from our seats

Had latte and a piece of tea cake to go with it.

pistachio tea cake

Liked the coffee. Smooth and not too acidic. The tea cake ($3 per piece) was dense, and sweeter than expected.

there's something on my saucer
satisfied with this cuppa

It rained while we were seated outside, and our table being right at the edge of the awning wasn't spared from the rain. Even so, customers can still be seen coming in at a steady pace, no matter rain or shine.


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