Friday, November 30, 2012

KPO Cafe Bar @ Killiney Road

Located at Killiney Road Post Office, this building is near Orchard Central.

as seen from across the road
dinner & drinks
drinks menu (just kidding, they do have laminated menu for the table)

Happy hour till 8pm, so quickly ordered our beers. Had Kronenbourg (HH: $13, non HH: $18).

Kronenbourg Blanc & Lager
choice beer for the night

There was a bowl of tapioca sticks on our table after I got back from the washroom. First bowl of tapioca sticks was complimentary. Subsequently, it's priced at $4 per refill.

tapioca stick
salty and hard crispy

Piping hot, juicy deep fried chicken wings made a nice meaty appetiser. It was devoured to the bones in no time.

simple deep fried wings (5 pieces)
skinny wings
juicy drumlet

Was a little surprised when we were automatically presented with the bill when food was served. Eh? Maybe this is the default practice? Not sure.

Anyways, subsequently we asked for them to keep an open tab since we were still waiting for another friend to arrive and will surely be ordering more food and beers. For this, they'll take away your credit card and gives you a metal tag (like a wrist dog-tag) to keep in-lieu. Everytime the table orders something, the service person will look at that number from the tag and jot it in the order chit, and lets you sign on it.

order chit

Ordered more food: KPO Hokkien Mee ($14), Kronenbourg Fish & Chips ($23) and Pizza Bruschetta ($22).

KPO Hokkien Mee
thick bee hoon and yellow noodles
sambal yums

The hokkien mee was like comfort food. Familiar taste, hawker style in bar ambiance. Add a bit of sambal for that extra oomph.

Our table was definitely too small for all the plates, bowls and glasses! Overflowed.

fish and chips

The Kronenbourg Fish & Chips, has with tartar sauce onplate and if you wish for additional sauces, they also have mustard, chili, ketchup and mayo too. Not sure what type of fish it was, but the meat was kind of soft. The beer batter was crispy, but the flesh of the fish disintegrated too easily. The fries had hints of truffle fragrance. Fun food to be eaten with fingers, and washed down with beer. *burp*

Pizza Bruschetta
a slice is not enough

The pizza was thin crusted, and tasted exactly like how a bruschetta would taste except there's no bready dough. Only crispy cracker-like crust. Krak krak, nyam nyam. Liked the rocket leaves too for a hint of bitterness, though it looked quite limp in the picture...

All the above fed four females, and most of us had beer while one had Earl Grey Tea. Total cost was about $38 per pax.

Service that night was generally good. The guy who took our order, came back with a tiny plastic chair for us to put our bags since it was cumbersome to carry it on our laps. And, they'll come back often to clear plates, bowls and bones (if any). Iced water is available upon request.


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