Monday, November 26, 2012

Chong Tian Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Bukit Mewah

Located at Taman Bukit Mewah, we went to this eatery for dinner when we were at Kajang last week. If not wrong, during the day this place has other smaller stalls hawking wanton/pork noodles, perhaps chicken rice or char kway teow.. but come 5pm, the seafood restaurant starts their daily operation. Think Chinese, think red coloured tablecloths.

shop's signboard
dinner time
Staff were pretty friendly, and conversations in Cantonese is predominant here. Our group of 8 pax ordered two plates of noodles, fried chicken wings, a pork dish, a vege dish and a tofu dish. Told the person who took our orders to make the pork dish small while the rest, enough to feed all of us.

iron buddha (铁观音) tea
While waiting for the food, we sipped tea. Then, someone brought us a large bowl of soup. "Free." She smiled. Oooh, free soup. Nice.

dried vegetable (boiled with chicken) soup

 Soup was soothing especially on a cool evening, right after the rain. Drank a couple of small bowls of this!

common to see patrons piling up minced garlic and chili padi for dip

The noodles arrived first. Ying Yong or also known as Cantonese fried noodles. It's a mixture of wok fried kway teow and deep fried bee hoon, generously topped with sauce that has pork slices, sliced fish cakes and vegetables. Sometimes, it has a bit of seafood.

I'm a Hokkien, and according to how my dad has been cooking his stuffs, Hokkien people do seem to have a liking for strong flavours and soy sauce.

ying yong (cantonese char)
black noodles (hokkien char)

The Ying Yong's kway teow has that wok fire taste and the bee hoon was deep fried to a crisp, but the kway teow tend to get stuck together when cold. So, advisable to attack this dish right after its served! The black noodles was well fried but not much of ingredients in this dish. Best eaten with a little sambal belachan but unfortunately, the belachan here was a bit lacking in taste.

sambal belachan

Next, we had the 炸肉 or zhar bak in Hokkien, which literally translated means fried pork?

zhar bak
braised dish of black fungus and deep fried pork

The zhar bak dish was ordered by my dad. His other favourite dish is the braised yam with pork (芋头扣肉). This zhar bak dish was quite nice. The pork was nicely soft, not too fatty with sauce infused in it. Tasty. The black fungus was too soft but still likeable. The sauce goes well with steamed rice.

tofu in thai style
small tofu cubes
egg tofu

The small cubes of egg tofu was dressed in thai style kind of dressing of julienned onions, cucumber and drizzled with sweet sour chili sauce.

fried chicken wings
The chicken wing was alright, with crispy outside and still juicy inside. Could do with a bit more seasoning though.

Didn't capture the vege dish as everyone was busy tucking in to the food.

Paid RM88.50 for this meal.


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