Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yakitori Enmaru 焼鳥 炎丸 @ ION Orchard (Part III)

Was here again, for dinner, on a weekday with two friends. Their first visit.

special menu
table, looking out

One noticeable difference, as compared to previous visit, was that we were offered the 'oshibori' (おしぼり) upon seated. The warm wet towel (feels comforting in a cold weather) was for us to clean our hands before the meal.

The Kirin frozen beer actually looked quite cute but we didn't get those. Got ourselves a jug (@$39++) of the regular Kirin draft.

nicely chilled glass

There was another noticeable difference. We were served a small dish one each, 'otoshi' as cover-charge. Not sure what it was (cucumber or radish strips?), but it tasted salty and there were chicken bits in it and it made quite a nice snack to go along with the cold beer.


The yakitori arrived rather quickly as well. Requested for the beef to be done medium rare, but felt that it came as medium instead.


Basically, our table looked quite crowded at one point in time, with no space to put the next plate!

mekajiki (swordfish) sashimi (@$16.80++)
Also had the unagi sushi.

unagi sushi
side view

The unagi was a little chewy due to the attached skin. Don't expect the melt in your mouth kind of texture. Still likeable and looked so pretty.

grilled hotate (scallops)
overcooked scallops

It was rather unfortunate that the scallops turned out dissappointingly overcooked. Skip this. Next, we had the bacon wrapped asparagus. The bacon could be crispier but was happy with the asparagus. Nicely cooked and still retained abit of crunch.

bacon wrapped asparagus

Ordered the Japanese style omelette, with cheese mentai from the special menu. The other flavours included natto or eel. Didn't dare to try natto, so chose cheese mentai.

Japanese style omelette with cheese mentai (@$9.80++)
yummy fluffy eggs

salty cheese mentai

Quite liked the omelette, though it was quite salty at the cheese mentai parts. Slightly quivering, yet still can be picked up with chopsticks. Best eaten while still warm. Goes well with beer!

Next was the chicken cheese sticks. Seems like the cheese here are all quite salty.

grilled chicken with cheese
grilled chicken with quails eggs

The grilled chicken with quails eggs has a smokey hint to it. Otherwise, it was pretty normal.

resting the chopsticks for a while

The jug was gone but we still had a glass full of beer, so more food it is to munch on!

chicken wings

The chicken wing was nice. Slight char on its skin, adequately seasoned and still juicy on its inside. Yums! Also had the cajun french fries. Hmm, give me chicken wings anytime!

french fries

Service staff was friendly. One observant service crew (Japanese lady) noticed that the table was not balanced and offered to quickly fix it.

This meal costs about $63 per pax.


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