Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fukuichi Japanese Dining @ TripleOne Somerset (Part II)

Second visit only, and for dinner this time round. Reservation is advisable if you're planning to dine there on a Friday evening.

It rained prior to our visit, and we had opted for alfresco seats. Fortunately, the rain stopped just in time.

otemoto (disposable chopsticks)
view from our table

For food, we left the choice in the safe hands of my friend, who has frequented this place more than us. Kani tofu, garlic fried rice, mekajiki sashimi, soft shell crab, cod fish saikyo, asari mentai (clams), white tuna roll and beef paper pot. Not forgetting, a jug of Kirin. How many of us? Just three. Hahaha!

pretty little things

It was pretty dark out there but I remembered that plate of swordfish sashimi (mekajiki) was rather tiny. The sashimi was juicy and likeable.

mekajiki sashimi

The white tuna roll was nicely presented on an elongated plate. For those who dislike too much sauce (mayo etc) on their rolls, then the version here at Fukuichi, would be suited for those palates. Nice way to load the carbs.

was that aburi white tuna, or was that unagi?
white tuna roll, topped with tobiko

The plate of asari mentai, probably had like six clams. So each of us had two. Eat for fun, kind of food. Not too salty.

in a clam-shell

The soft shell crab (containing many many small bite sized pieces), served in a small basket, was nicely fried and crunchy. Good to have it with beer!

a one-bite piece of soft shell crab

Then, we shared a small bowl of garlic fried rice. It's actually not too garlicky, and has a smokey charred taste to the rice.

garlic fried rice

Liked the cod fish. The seasoning here was very agreeable to us. Not too salty, just nice. The fish was fresh, firm and fatty. Yums.

cod fish

But the star of the evening, was the beef paper hot pot. Just the right kind of dish to have on a rainy evening. How comforting to have soup bubbling and warmly inviting? Ahhh.. the good life.

waiting for vege to soften
look at that marbling and tell me that ain't pretty

Am pretty amazed by that piece of paper. It never got burnt. We were talking the entire night, and left the pot for a long duration, and the vege was gently simmering away never bubbling over. However, the vege do need some assistance. Gently ensure that the vege goes into that little bit of soup so that it can soften properly.

ready to eat beef slice

The beef slices were not paper thin, nor was it too thick. Just right for a good mouth-feel. Soft but still have a bite kind of beef. Yummy yummy!

There was a promotion of 10% discount for most major credit cards, so do enquire prior to making payment.

Read about first visit here.


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