Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cafe Rouge @ Baghdad Street

Located in the area known as Arab Street, this cafe is at #20 Baghdad Street. But the sign posts says Bussorah Street. Hmm. Anyway, just above the cafe, is the newly opened SushiAirways 寿司航空 Sushibar.


The set dinner at $28 was attractive because one can have a soup of the day, feta cheese salad, any main course of your choice plus tea/coffee. The mains are priced between $18 to $32. Sounds good, right? My friends agreed and they all got the set dinner except me.

Can't eat that much, if you'd ask me. So I got myself an $18 main course: boeuf bourguignon. If not wrong, the menu stated that it was wagyu.

This place serves iced water.

mini glass and carafe
boeuf bourguignon

Although there were plenty of good sized beef, but unfortunately most of it were not as tender as anticipated. Not quite the wagyu-like texture!

served with potato slices, carrots and cucumbers

For desserts ($6.50 each), simply go up to the counter and choose. We ordered creme brulee and a slice of chocolate something pear something.

chocolate something pear something
creme brulee

The chocolate dessert with pear was recommended by the service staff when asked about which one is the bestseller.

Both desserts were pretty sweet but creme brulee took the icing as being the sweetest! Oh, and one interesting thing was, the cappucino that my friend received was all foamy and milky white. So we thought the espresso shot was missing and asked for it to be replaced. They did, and we were informed that the second cup was done with double-shot. Then, double-shot it must be, otherwise, you'd be drinking just milk foam!

Service was accommodating and friendly.


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