Sunday, January 6, 2013

Othello's @ Greenwood Avenue (Part II)

A nice relaxing place to enjoy a cuppa coffee/tea or, to sip that one cold beer or two.Ordered a mug of fries, a plate of drumlets to nibble.

mug of fries (@$6+)
drumlets (@$12+)
tasty sticky drumlets

Much preferred if midwings were used instead of drumlets, 'coz drumlets weren't juicy! Nevertheless, it was still kind of tasty. But it was odd, 'coz I was having Earl Grey with this...

a pot of Earl Grey

Though this place doesn't have any Happy Hour, they do have promotion on selected drinks from time to time. For January 2013, they're having Pure Blonde, Big Apple and Apple Tini for $8+.

Guess what I had?

Apple Tini
Very likeable this Apple Tini. Yummy.


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