Sunday, May 22, 2016

BWB | Burger VS Wings + Bar @ Orchard Central

Located at Level 11 of Orchard Central and it has been 2 years since last visit. Read about previous visit here. We were just in time for their Happy Hour where draft beer is on 1-for-1. A pint for $18++ or half pint for $13++.

Kronenbourg Blanc
Since there was just the two of us, we ordered burger and chicken wings. The place was busy as expected on a Friday evening. But its alfresco area was practically empty.

As we were sharing, we had requested for the burger to be cut into halves. Service staff obliged but I do agree with other people who had commented before me, that the presentation of the burger was just plain, uninteresting.

BWB Classic @$21.90++
angus beef patty (medim doneness), egg sunny side-up, tomato, bacon, onions, chili con carne, cheese

For wings, we chose the chili crab flavour. Glad to see that the wings did not shrink over the years, and again, it didn't score any points for the plating. Thankfully, the taste was still good. Messy to eat but enjoyable.

Chili Crab Wings @$15.80++

Expect to pay about $24 per pax for a main course and a beer (after using The Entertainer App).


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