Monday, May 16, 2016

Mak's Noodle 麥奀記 @ Westgate Jurong East

Had something light for late lunch, so was really going to check out the menu only. Then, was approached by the service staff and somehow, ended up trying its beef brisket and tendon noodles. Haha! Subconsciously, I had wanted to give this a try, perhaps?

view of the kitchen
chopsticks and paper napkins in the pull-out drawer of your table

Had heard from others that the noodles here is of a smaller portion. Just nice, since I wasn't very hungry.

Beef brisket and tendon noodle (牛筋牛腩捞面) @$10++

Verdict? The soup was a tad too peppery. The noodle was not well tossed, so one gotta mix it well. That bottle of spicy sauce goes well with the noodles. Sauce had hints of tangerine peel and not too salty. The meat was tender but the tendon could do with more time in the pot. And, addition of some green leafy vegetables would be good.


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