Sunday, May 8, 2016

Anti:dote Afternoon Tea @ Anti:dote Lounge Fairmont Singapore

Have always known Anti:dote as a place for cocktails, but it is also a place where one could also enjoy an afternoon of indulgence with Anti:dote Afternoon Tea available everyday from Mondays to Thursdays 3pm to 5pm, and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will see two seatings; 12pm to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm Priced at $48++ per adult. You will get to choose a starter from two choices (either dim sum or the organic egg), a pot of tea of your choice and a drawer containing savouries and sweets. Top up $15++ for a glass of champagne.

The place is within Fairmont Singapore, just right next to City Hall MRT. So convenient. Went on a Saturday evening and the place was rather busy. Reservation is recommended.

choose your tea

TWG tea is used here. The selections include the popular "Holiday in Paris", "The Bellini" or "Pink Flamingo". Had a taste of those three blends and it was rather floral and sweetish scent. And, guess what I had? The classic French Earl Grey. Ok, I know. Am boring.

Anti:dote Organic Egg
dim sum - scallop siew mai, fried beancurd with fish paste and carrot cake

For the starters, my choice was very clear. The Anti:dote organic eggs. Firm egg custard topped with caviar, ikura and sea urchin. Yums. Would I exchange this for the dim sum? Absolutely not.

Due to the size of our group, many drawers were brought out. Each one gets to share a drawer with his/her favourite person. At max, a drawer holds enough items for 3 pax to share.

the drawers
side profile

So, we scrutinized the drawers. Starting from the bottom. Oh, we found plastic-wrapped crackers and some homemade raspberry jam, lemon curd and Devonshire clotted cream.

cracker and sweet spreads - homemade raspberry jam, lemon curd and clotted cream

Somehow, just by saying Devonshire is getting me into the mood... for scones! Oh my, the parmesan scones was just the perfect item for the afternoon tea. Spread generously with clotted cream and lemon curd, and pop a bite into the mouth. So good. The jam and lemon curd were both very good. Just have it with all three. Triple the enjoyment!

peek-a-boo (chia seed and parmesan scones)

And, before you know it...the scones were polished off, completely.


The second drawer had the savoury items. You will find the Boston Maine Lobster mini-roll in here. The wild mushroom stuffed puff pastry was quite good as well. After the second drawer, suddenly it dawned upon me that there was seriously a bit too many items with caviar and ikura.

smoked salmon, lemon cheese, ikura
duck confit, foie gras terrine

Only about 5 small items for the savoury but was starting to feel full by now. But, there was one more layer left to conquer. The sweets. About 10 pieces of petit desserts. I like the sound of it. Petit.

petit desserts

mini strawberry cake, vanilla chiboust

The mini strawberry cake was the cutest looking. Reminded me of a ladybird. Haha! Thought it tasted somewhat like a marshmallow~

tuxedo strawberry

The chocolate coated fresh strawberry was another favourite of mine. The chocolate praline was enjoyable as well. One thing that I really didn't like was the pistachio layer, smoked tea cream dessert. No thanks.

pistachio layer, smoked tea cream
traditional Paris Brest
Green Apple Tartlet

 Most said they liked the green apple tartlet except me. But it did intrigued me as I couldn't figure out what was the fruit that sat ontop of the green apple. Looking like a grape but the taste was far from it.

Come early, at 3pm to enjoy the afternoon tea in as leisurely manner as possible. Sip and savour. Enjoy.


  1. So tempting.... these foods are so

    1. Hi Sage,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, those foods are pretty cute =)

  2. it looks too pretty to be eaten, must have been such an experience. Just curious would a set be too much for one or just right (:

    1. It was a lot of food. I couldn't finish everything in the set. But this is coming from a person who'd get full from having two scones. But the scones, is a must for any high tea! With clotted cream, lemon curd and jam, of course.

    2. Great. Looking forward to having my afternoon tea there soon. Will def try their scones (:


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