Saturday, May 28, 2016

[Media Invite] Singtel TV GO!

Recently, I was introduced to Singtel TV GO! at an event held at Elements & Co. First thing that came mind was, "What is Singtel TV Go?" It is basically a free-to-download mobile app developed to enhance the experience of Singtel TV subscribers by providing the option to view their favourite Programmes on-the-go.

So, how does this works?
This FAQ would be able to provide the answers:

Ok, I have an understanding of how it works. Then, how much does this cost?

There was an opportunity to experience this app for a limited time, so here's how it went:

download app
quick guide during first launch of the app

It was easy to install and you'll get to see all that's available to the subscriber. I was most interested in the TV Guide section. Upon selecting the show of interest, you'll be prompted to enter the account ID and Singtel TV number. Key in the necessary details and you'll be able to watch the show in a jiffy.

home screen
for the football fans
Elementary, my dear

Just need to download the episodes and click on 'Play' to watch it, anytime, anywhere.

hi Lucy
And, of course, there's programmes about food. Yums.

talking about food
For music lovers, you can enjoy a 24-hours music channel via the launch of MTV Live (CH349) and MTV China (CH550) on Singtel TV.

And, for soccer fans, Singtel TV has secured broadcast rights for UEFA Euro 2016 as well as Copa America 2016, and you can catch all matches on CH142 and CH141 through the Singtel TV GO application. Yay!

If you are interested, you may wish to visit for more information.


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