Friday, May 27, 2016

[Media Invite] Escape Restaurant & Lounge @ One Farrer Hotel & Spa

No, this is not the Escape Room (nothing to do with the physical adventure game where you're locked in a room with your friends and have to find clues in the room to 'escape' by solving a series of puzzles etc)

Escape Restaurant & Lounge is one of those few places that opens 24/7 and serves up a variety of foods to satisfy the hunger pangs, regardless of what time it strikes! Conveniently located at Exit C of Farrer Park MRT station, this place is rather huge.

Buffet is available daily for lunch and dinner, and priced at $45++ and $60++ per adult. Click here for Hungry Deals.

bar area
let's drink
It boasts of open kitchen concept and one could order up a plate of spaghetti ala-minute. One of the sauce type includes salted egg yolk! What a surprise.

chefs at work

What do you usually start with, at the buffet? Cold seafood? Chose not to go for the sashimi this time round. Heard that the beef brisket here is good, so went ahead and scooped up some to taste. Tendon was soft and meat tender. Its sauce was of adequate strength. Good to eat with white rice.

stewed beef brisket with radish and carrots

prawn cracker, rice, beef brisket & tendon, broccoli with mushrooms, roasted pork and lamb gulai
Japanese maki and sushi
roast beef and yorkshire pudding
How can I not have a slice of pink-in-the-center roast beef slice with yorkshire pudding? Had mine with lots of jus and a dash of mustard. Yums.

roast beef, yorkshire pudding, jus
Am a yorkshire pudding novice. Some say, the pudding is supposed to taste like a dry muffin. How is that supposed to taste good? I quite liked the yorkshire pudding texture here. Kind of eggy taste.

Seafood cooked to order. Or rather, seafood like mussels or prawns can be cooked to order with your choice of sauce base. Salted egg yolk prawns? No problem!

salted egg yolk prawns with ginger slices

load up on salads, or satisfy your sashimi cravings

Of course, I still want my oysters. Last two pieces, gobbled up by yours truly...

cold and hot (spicy)
dim sum pastries

Let's take a peek at the sweets. There's a shelf full of sweets and cakes. Collected them on mini plates and one could grab a cup of coffee to have along with the desserts.

eat to your heart's content
coffee and the loot
doesn't this look pretty?
The butter cakes are pretty good, especially the one that tasted like peanut butter. Everyone else loved the passionfruit butter cake. Hmm.

sweet strawberries and cream
durian pengat

If you don't feel like having buffet, Escape do ala-cartes too. You could request for the full ala-carte menu. We tried the teochew porridge set, available from 1030pm onwards till 6am. The side dishes are mei cai kou rou (梅菜扣肉), braised peanuts, braised beancurd skins, and steamed cod fish teochew style.

sweet potato teowchew porridge set @$17++

梅菜扣肉 (pork belly preserved vege)
braised peanuts

The homely flavours as envisioned by Executive Chef Kong was pretty apparent as showcased by the teochew porridge and beef brisket dish.

Had an enjoyable evening, sampling the foods but didn't manage to cover all. Though eaten in small portions, it still amounted to certain stomach space!

Thank you One Farrer Hotel & Spa, especially to Daniel, Amy and Chef Kong for hosting us, and HGW for the invite. Here's the link to make a reservation now.

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  1. But when we left the restaurant, the restaurant call us to go back and mentioned that they calculate the bill wrongly! EVEN WORST IS THEY BLAME US AND MENTIONED THAT WE DID NOT TELL THEM WE ARE SAME GROUP!!!!! HELLOOOO, we booked together and you guys arrange us in 2 different TABLES. ESCAPE STILL ABLE TO BLAME US???!!!!


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