Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dallas Restaurant and Bar @ Sky Garden Suntec City

Sky Garden at Suntec, is a long way to walk from City Hall MRT. There was a period of time when I wanted to try Dallas chicken wings. That period was when there was only one Dallas outlet, at Boat Quay. Then, there came another period of time when people were raving about the grilled corn. I wanted to try that too.

So, chose this restaurant to meet with HS 'coz she's treating. Yay! Moreover, we can use The Entertainer App here. Double yay!

The restaurant offers al-fresco area as well as the cooler, air-conditioned indoor dining. No prize for guessing which one we opted for. Liked the decor, and the indoor dining gave a rather classy feel.

seated by the window
browsing the menu

Happy Hour on weekdays lasts till 8pm. The cocktails which were originally priced at $18 or $19 are going for $12 during the magical hour. Ooh, so I got myself an 'Old Fashioned'.

Old Fashioned @$12++ (HH) - Maker’s Mark, sugar, orange & aromatic bitters

First sip, was like "Oh, whiskey." Haha, what was I expecting? Must have lost my mind for a while. What's the difference between scotch and bourbon? According to wiki, scotch is whisky made in Scotland and bourbon is whiskey made in USA. OoOooh... and bourbon is distilled from corn while scotch is generally from malted barley. So, all bourbon is whiskey but not all whisky is bourbon. OoOOohhh...

So Maker's Mark is bourbon whiskey and whiskey being whiskey, you'll know when you taste one.

For mains, we ordered ribs and cod fish. Food took quite a while to arrive and we thought that the ribs looked quite blackened! Don't be alarmed. A cut through the knife revealed tender flavourful meat, especially when chewed with some fatty bits. Nice.

Baby Back Berry @$30++ (half rack)

slow braised pork ribs that's easy to cut

The miso cod was pretty spot on with its flavours too. Pretty greens of broccoli and sweet peas, quick squeeze of lemon onto the vege and fish, and voila, we are so ready to devour. Miso sauce was very strong in flavours so a small dab of that onto the fish would be more than sufficient. Cod was lovely.

Miso Glazed Cod @$32++ served on a bed of mash, seasonal vege and a dash of miso paste

For desserts, we satisfied one of our curiousity and ordered the chargrilled corn. The corn was delish! A combo of something spicy, cheesy, creamy and savoury sweet. Recommended.

chargrilled corn @$6++ (cut into halves for easy sharing)

The spicy came from the chipotle mayo, and it has parmesan cheese, lime and smoked spices sprinkled onto the corn. Yummeh!

Thank you Hui Shan for the treat!


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