Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sari Ratu Indonesian Food, Authententic Nasi Padang @ 20 Pahang Street

Pahang Street is somewhere near Sultan Street and Baghdad Street. Recommended by Indonesian colleagues and hence, we trooped down for lunch. The place was rather small and packed during lunch hour. Found out that reservations can be made in advance.

Left it in the good hands of my colleagues to order. Waiting time for a table took up to 15 minutes. To order, just go right up to the food counter and pick your choices. You'll be given a paper slip with the items ordered. Payment can be made later, after you have had your meal.

teh botol
For drinks, had the Teh Botol Sosro which is a popular Indonesian drink of sweetened jasmine tea in a bottle. It was a huge bottle at 450ml.

rice is served
The mound of rice is of a smaller portion, which is alright considering we ordered up a storm of side dishes.

chicken in gravy (gulai ayam)

The chicken used at Sari Ratu is kampung chicken, so the meat is slightly tougher. The gravy was smooth and nice to eat with the rice.

sambal telor
potato chips

The red and green sambal were rather spicy but so shiok to eat with the rice. The other stuffs that we ordered included telur dadar (omelette), terung balado (spiced egg-plant), ayam pop (steamed and fried chicken) and sayur pucuk ubi (cassava leaves in gravy). All were nice except for the cassava leaves which was quite rough and old. My colleague was also dissappointed in his ayam pop as it didn't taste as good as usual.

little bit of everything, jemput makan~

Our meal costs about $15 per pax. My Indonesian colleagues like this place quite a bit.


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