Monday, May 23, 2016

Jewel Cafe and Bar @ Rangoon Road

Been there numerous times but mostly for drinks and light snacks. This time round, utilized The Entertainer App and got ourselves some mains to share. Of course, their all-day-long 1-for-1 drinks made it an even sweeter deal.

outdoor seats
let's start off with a glass of bubblies
It was a birthday treat, so I got myself some Southern Fried Chicken. The other plate was Beef Tenderloin pasta so that we could have something more substantial, in the form of some carbs.

Beef Tenderloin and spaghetti tossed in garlic
Southern Fried Chicken

The pasta was rather bland though. Needed some more salt. Beef tenderloin was tender as we wanted it medium rare. Fried chicken was nicely fried with crispy skin albeit a tad oily. Liked the fresh green salad with minimal dressing.

Nice place to hangout with friend for relaxed chit-chats.

Thanks buddy for the treat!


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