Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant @ Purvis Street | Restaurant Week March 2015

Visited on a weekend lunch during the recent Restaurant Week. Was my bro's birthday as well, so decided to bring us to Garibaldi to experience some good service and good food. It better be since it has a star for Restaurant Week!

The restaurant gave us a call when we ran abit late that day. From the outside, the place felt rather deserted but once ushered into the dining hall, the restaurant was rather busy.

Garibaldi's RW 3-course set lunch costs $40++ as with any other restaurants that had been awarded a Dining City star.

RW menu
cheese sticks to chew on

Complimentary bread to ease the hunger. Replenishable upon request.

house bread, complimentary

As in any celebration, how about a bottle, err.. make it half since there's only two of us. Half bottle of Livon Pinot Grigio.

Pinot Grigio @$60++

The wine was light, and with mineral taste.

Service was quick and courteous. Food was delivered promptly. First course, was seafood soup.

seafood soup 'acqua pazza' style

Light and slightly tangy broth, and pleasant. However, it lacked that seafood umami taste.

Main course was pasta or meat.

homemade saffron fettucine with jumbo prawns and zucchini
baby pork drumstick confit with chestnut gnocchi and mushroom

The texture of the homemade fettucine was simply lovely. Well tossed with olive oil, tasty and the trombetta zucchini could've fooled me for asparagus. Very nice.

Baby pork drumstick was probably an alternative way of saying, 猪脚? My bro and I concluded that this dish will be excellent if there was skin left on the meat and some fats in between. Generous amount of protein but it was a tad too dry. However, there was some hidden gem in this dish; namely, the gnocchi.

gnocchi, chestnuts and mushroom

Am a gnocchi fan but only for good gnocchi. The Garibaldi version is of course, excellent. Perhaps the 'limited edition' amount of these small pillowy babies added to the 'want'. Found only 4 pieces in this entire plate. Of course, there's perfect explanation to it. Gnocchi in this dish was meant to augment the dish, not overshadowing it. Agree, as too much of it will cause 'jelakness'.

Last course was dessert. Knowing that it was a celebratory lunch, they brought out a small surprise in the form of a complimentary tiramisu.

happy birthday bro!
complimentary tiramisu
dolce - banana everything

Tiramisu was very likeable. Soft and not too sweet. The RW dessert was good too, although the recurring flavour of banana got a bit tiring after a few bites. Liked the middle one best. Tasted like a dense banana tofu.

That's not all. Included is the post-meal drink of coffee or tea. For coffee, one could opt for black, latte or cappucino.


It is served with a generous amount of biscuits.

nice container

Was an enjoyable experience dining at Garibaldi. Efficient and attentive service, and the lovely tiramisu for birthday boy.

Do enquire from them if you wish to celebrate your birthday there and with a group of 4 pax (min.), as you might be eligible to enjoy a complimentary bottle of prosecco and a free tiramisu.

Expect to spend about $80+ per pax.


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