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Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant @ The Central Clarke Quay

Looking for Japanese ala-carte buffet that's value for money? You might want to head on to Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant, conveniently located at Level 3 of The Central, Clarke Quay.

Chef Low Chee Hui helms the kitchen, and has been busy dishing out plates after plates of delicious food. Was recently invited to try the food there and here's an account of that experience.


Once inside, diners will likely be greeted by restaurant manager, John Chia. An amiable, friendly and polite guy who knows his sake.

booth seats

Booth seats offers more privacy while us plebeians dine at the open common area. Actually, didn't mind it at all since we got the window seats with a nice view to enjoy.

view from our table window

For non-buffet items, one could opt for the Haru Chirashi Sushi which comprises of sliced thick cut sashimi, rice, pickles, miso soup and fruits. Shioks to eat the thick slices of raw fish!

Haru Chirashi Sushi @$28++

Or for sharing, one could get the Unatama maki うなたままき. Crunchy tempura batter with savoury eel and fluffy egg roll at its center. Yums.

unatama maki @$16++
Fancy trying horse hair crab (or hairy crab) from Hokkaido? You can have one for $38++. For distribution, just need to peel off the center shell, break the crab into half and tear off its legs one by one.


There's plenty of options for sake here. Tried the Kuboto Senju from Niigata. Easy to drink, dry, mild tasting and with some sweetness.


The perfect accompaniment for the sake are foods such as the tasty savoury Ebi Mentaiyaki and Hotate Mentaiyaki.

Ebi mentaiyaki @$12++ (2 pieces) and hotate mentaiyaki @$12++ (3 pieces)

Sometimes we just want something hot to warm the tummy. Try the ikura chawanmushi. It was like an elevated chawanmushi with bursts of umami'ness.

ikura chawanmushi @$8++

Or, have the steaming hotpot of tara nabe with plenty of vegetables and chunks of cod fish swimming in a simple light soy based broth.

tara nabe (cod fish and vegetable hotpot) @$30++

If you prefer teriyaki cod, they have it here as well. Perfectly cooked, with a good oily mouthfeel. Nice to have it with a bowl of rice and miso soup. Most of the ala-carte items can be topped up with $6++ for a set, which means it can be served with rice or udon set which basically contains one carb, otoshi, miso soup (for rice set) and fruits.

gindara teriyaki @$22++

Mitsuba also offers ala-carte buffet at a reasonable price of $36.90++ (correct at the time of publishing, please check restaurant's website for updated info).

ready to rumble
As usual, let's start with a plate of sashimi moriawase. The thick slices brought a smile to everyone's face.

sashimi moriawase (salmon, hamachi, mekajiki, tai, maguro)
Of course, can't miss out on tempura items. Tasted crispy and fresh.

mixed tempura

Another must-try item would be the buta kakuni dish; Japanese braised pork belly. This was love at first bite. That sauce, by gosh... that sauce was a winner. Well marinated with flavours fully absorbed into the meat. Good.

buta kakuni 豚角煮

Plenty of light bites too. More sake perhaps? Yes, please!


The takoyaki and gyoza were both deep fried and quite crispy. Snacks, I called them. Grilled tebasaki (mid-wings) were only lightly salted but somehow, I liked that light flavours. Juicy meat was a plus point too.

grilled tebasaki
Not commonly available for buffet, but it is at Mitsuba, do remember to try the dobin mushi; traditional Japanese seafood broth served in a teapot.

dobin mushi 土瓶蒸し
no time to dilly dally

Ended on a sweet note with cream puffs and single scoop ice-cream.

cream puffs @$3++ (4 pieces)
yuzu ice-cream @$5++
matcha ice-cream @$4++

An enjoyable dinner with good company. Special thanks to Mitsuba for hosting and HGW for the invite.

Mitsuba Japanese Restaurant

Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-88 The Central, Singapore 059817
Telephone: (65) 6227 0388
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11:30 am to 03:00 pm
Dinner: 06:00 pm to 10:00 pm


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