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Travel | Seoul 28 Oct - 2 Nov 2014 | Bau House Dog Cafe 바우하우스

Are you an animal lover? Do you like dogs? If yes, then very likely you'll want to visit at least one dog/cat cafe when you're in Seoul. Having visited a cat cafe in Penang (read about it here), I've made it a point to visit a dog cafe when I was in Seoul for holiday last year. Main reason? There's no dog cafes in Singapore...yet. Hahaa!

Googled the directions and found one that is very near transportation; Hapjeong Station 합정역, which was perfect as it is also pretty close to Ewha University area. Exit Hapjeong Station and watch out for Jeil Building which was described as a black shiny building. Then, look for its back entrance as Bau House is only accessible to patrons via the building's back entrance.

Was peeping at its door, feeling unsure of what to do since it was my first visit and in a foreign land. Fortunately, one of the staff noticed and went on to open the small little gate while keeping the little dogs away so that none could escape.

Staff could only speak Korean but that didn't pose any problem at all. Just choose any available seat and make yourself comfortable. All bags need to be hung on the wall, to prevent the furry ones from getting to it.

hi little one

As soon as I sat down, one schnauzer immediately made himself comfortable on my lap. You can sit there forever and the staff wouldn't mind. As a rule, the guests are expected to purchase at least one drink while they are there. Since I couldn't move without dislodging my small friend from my lap, I was just sitting there, chilling for half hour till I felt quite paiseh. Haha! Not much choice for drinks though.

rosemary tea

tenants of Bau House

First half section (front) of Bau House, has plenty of dogs that are of smaller breeds. The inner section of the cafe has all the big dogs. And by big, some are actually huge!

my loyal companion

this guy here came with its owner, probably dog playdate at Bau House

Ventured into the inner section and to be honest, there are times when it felt quite intimidating with all the big boys in there.

big dogs area
free to roam
smells like treats
hobo me with an amused looking samoyed

The place was kept quite clean and when 'accidents' of the pee and poo kind did happen, the staff were also quick to clean up the mess.

Bumped into a nice lady from Singapore, so it was good to have someone to converse with while I was there.

Had an enjoyable time there. Hope to visit Bau House again!


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