Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Singapore Food

Should the question on what food that best represents Singapore culture arises, then my answer would'll need to try a lot of food in order to answer that! Singapore, alike with its neighbour Malaysia, is a melting pot with many cultures. As such, we get variety and distinctive flavours from each but collectively, these forms the rich flavours of Singapore.

Singapore food - variety of flavours

Personal favourites of mine? Currently, on weekends, I'd like to wake up to a bowl of steaming hot lor mee 卤面, with chockful of ingredients and all the dark gooeyness. But of course, the queue to get this bowl of goodness, is unfortunately included as well.

lor mee

On days that I have no idea what I'd like to eat, then chicken rice would be an option to take.

steamed chicken, with piquant spicy chili and free soup

Thanks Seth for the prompt to post. You might want to check out for your favourite food delivery.


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