Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Red Dot @ Dempsey

Was at Red Dot recently for a drink, and its current seasonal beer is an SG50 drink. Looks pretty with its nice reddish hue, it has a heavy yeast taste but fruity as well especially towards the middle. Dragonfruit beer, they say. Nice.

half pints of SG50 beer at Red Dot

For snacks, get the satay. One of my favourites. Beef usually is more chewy and sinewy, so this time round we got the chicken and pork satay. Not sure how they do it, but the chicken sticks were quite consistent every time that we're there. Tender, well marinated and very enjoyable. Pork was slightly tougher but with a good char from the grill.

chicken and pork satay @$20++

And of course, for even lighter bites one could get the silver fish. Come to think of it...actually, isn't it supposed to be called whitebait? Silverfish are those tiny stuffs that crawls out from old books, no? Yikes.

deep fried silver fish (whitebait) @$12++

Expect loud and noisy at this place. They had live-performance the day of visit. Spending wise, it's about $40 to $50 per pax, depends.


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