Sunday, April 26, 2015

天晴 Appare Udon & Tempura Japanese Restaurant @ Novena Square 2

Back at Appare, second time in a week. Liking the food and it has the least lunch crowd, comparatively.

Objective was to keep to a budget of below $15. Colleague wanted soupy option so she got herself a prawn tempura udon soup.

Was pleasantly surprised to see large prawns. Snowpea added a touch of colour to the dish.

prawn tempura udon soup

Mine was a beef rice bowl, served with miso soup. The beef slices were so tender, fatty and very good. Sauce was nicely savoury but not overly so, and the pickled ginger nicely matured and provided a little distraction from the soft beefy taste.

beef don

Enjoyed every bit of it.

good till the last grain

Not too big a serving but big on satisfaction. Yums.

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