Monday, March 30, 2015

Zzapi Pizza Bar @ Balmoral Plaza

Was at Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah recently and noticed this new pizza joint. Zzapi looks familiar and realized that previously, it was located at Valley Point. Decided to grab dinner and a drink from there.

outdoor area

Happy Hour till 8pm, so had a glass of red for $8++.

main subject out of focus, but everything else comes to clarity - sounds like life

Food came fairly quickly and portion was good.

deep fried calamar and shrimps @$15++
osco busco risotto (specials)
parma ham pizza @$24++

The deep fried shrimps were of a good size. However, it was lacking in taste.

Had wanted to get a risotto and was asked if we would like to try an off-menu item. Game on.

The risotto was enjoyable, moist and tasty. Plenty of veal too. Best parts were those with some fats.

Pizza was alright, but we were too full to finish.

The place closes at 11pm on a Friday night.

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