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9-course Cold Crab Treasure Pot Feast 九大簋之凍蟹宴 @ Mouth Restaurant 地茂館

Mouth Restaurant has been around for the longest time, but you probably might not know that they have two branches. One at 22 Cross Street and the other one at Plaza Singapura. If you're visiting the Cross Street branch, it's just opposite of Hong Lim Complex.

Mouth Restaurant @ 22 Cross Street
table setting

The Cold Crab Treasure Pot Feast consists of 9-courses. Let's begin, shall we?

braised dou hua soup with fresh crab meat 鮮蟹豆花羹

Thick soup of silky smooth tofu, contrasting with tiny slices of crunchy carrots. Each slurp accompanied by shreds of fresh crab meat. Nice start to line the tummy with some warm comforting soup. Black vinegar can be added to suit individual preferences.

After that, was a deep fried appetiser of long spring roll with goose liver sauce. Served hot, with crispy exterior and nice crunchy prawns inside. Enjoyable snack. One stick per pax.

fresh prawn long spring roll with goose liver sauce

Next up, Teochew style cold crab where no sharing is required. Yes, one whole crab and all yours to enjoy.

Teochew style cold crab 潮州凍蟹

Teochew cold crab dish was simply steamed crab, served chilled. The meat was pretty easy to get through. Light natural flavours.

chilled roe

After devouring the crab, we moved on to the start of stronger flavours; Sautéed prawn balls with cream of Chardonnay sauce with rock melon.

Sauteed prawn balls with sweet rock melon 哈蜜当妮虾球
The sauteed prawn dish earned extra points with its presentation. Loved the sweet melon balls and even more so for the prawn. Crispy batter and juicy prawns. Lovely spice too. One prawn is never enough!

Braised fish maw with garlic infused abalone sauce
First time trying fish maw cooked in this format. Usually, it's either in soups or something that has more sauce. This style was nice too as the fish maw chunks had fully absorbed the sauce, but yet its texture wasn't too mushy, neither was it too hard.

Next up, an individual plating of fried fish fillet with Thai sauce. Liked the cheerful colours on that plate.

Fried fish fillet with blended Thai sauce

close-up view

Fish was expertly battered and deep fried till golden brown. Fillet was moist and firm. The blended Thai chili sauce was certainly very appetizing and refreshing! Polished off all the fruits, vege and fish off the plate. It was that good.

Crispy Sakura chicken meat in honey black pepper sauce

The chicken in honey black pepper sauce was served in a small hotstone pot. Chicken was boneless and tender, coated in thick sauce that tasted familiar. If you had eaten Mongolian pork ribs prior, then this would be similar tasting. An enjoyable dish that was served piping hot.

You may have tried squid ink pasta but have you tasted squid ink char siew bao? Mouth Restaurant imports the squid ink all the way from Italy to create this novel bun.

squid ink char siew bao 墨汁叉烧包

Was actually anticipating a burst of umami out of the bao, but it tasted just like a regular char siew bao. A good char siew bao that is. Sweet, juicy char siew fillings with slightly QQ buns. Yums.

Speaking of bao, of course one mustn't miss the much raved lava buns 流沙包. Not part of the 9-course set, but it's available via ala-carte.

baked lava buns 流沙包
thick savoury 'lava' waiting to burst out

The last course for this feast, was the dessert of double boiled white fungus with wolfberries in rock sugar.
Sweet and nutritious to end the feast.

Double boiled fungus with wolfberries in Rock sugar

The above 9-course Cold Crab Treasure Pot Feast is priced at $33.80 nett per pax with a minimum of 4-pax. However, there are extra charges imposed if one orders this feast with less than 10-pax.

Do look out for deals such as this promo via qoo10:

For parties of 2-pax and a Citibank card holder, you might want to check out this other promo instead.

For promotion validity dates and other terms and conditions, please refer to the restaurant's website or contact the restaurant directly.

Thank you Daniel, for the invite.

Mouth Restaurant

Location: 22 Cross Street, #01-61, China Square Central, South Bridge Court Shop House, Singapore 048421
Tel: 6438 5798 , Fax: 6438 5623


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